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About Us

Jeff & Haley Reese
Matt & Jenna Reese

Hey! We’re the Reese Family!

Lumber Johns was formed out of several recurring challenges on the family’s Christmas tree farm, Kaleidoscope Farms. 

Matt and Jenna Reese were married at the farm in October of 2020 and looked into restroom options in the area. While there are many porta-john rentals, years of working at the Christmas tree farm left them wishing they had heated restrooms and running water. However, there were no options for a more luxurious restroom rental near the farm. 

Haley Reese teaches many classes at the farm including flower arranging and wreath making. The family wanted to expand services and classes beyond the magical Christmas tree experience, but she was continually limited by the need for restrooms on the property. Jeff Reese began researching options and suggested we work together to offer what we couldn’t find: a luxury restroom rental.

We care deeply about the experience we provide to the community and an important part of that is having safe, comfortable, and clean restrooms. We are committed to serving our customers and make sure they feel pampered while they use Lumber Johns restroom rental.

Jeff and Haley Reese live in Rawson where they own and operate R & D Feeds; they are also very involved in Kaleidoscope Farms. They live in a third generation family farmhouse with their three children, many chickens, and the revolving door of misfit farm animals or bottle lambs that they take in. They are both employed off-farm in northwest Ohio agriculture. 

Matt and Jenna Reese live in Baltimore (outside of Columbus) and commute to the family farm to help with events and Christmas tree season. They live in an 1800s farmhouse with their three children, Remi the Great White Pyrenees, and the donkeys Fanny and Tingalayo who make celebrity appearances at the Christmas tree farm. They are also both employed in Ohio agriculture.

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Don’t rent a traditional portable restroom ever again.

Let’s be real. Traditional portable restrooms are unpleasant, unsanitary, and uncomfortable. Your event guests deserve better. Get your quote today!


The Lumber John’s Bathroom Trailer has both heat and Air Conditioning. Two spacious stalls feature hard-surface countertops and coat/purse hooks. Speakers mounted to the ceiling give your guests crystal-clear sound.


The bathrooms have hard surface countertops, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and trash disposal featured in both stalls.

Available Year-Round

Climate Control and weatherproofing make the Lumber John’s Bathroom Trailer available for year-round use in Northwest Ohio and beyond.